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Friends most of my friends lost there gmail IDs because of hacking.

Don't worry i didn't do that but there are many more who like hacking like me.
But i do not want to be harmful for anyone , i just want to tell the people the way of hacking, How a hacker can hack you?
, how can you save yourself from them.
So today i'm going to tell you how can you hack anyone gmail id or how can you save your's one?
Just see some simple steps

STEP 1.- First of all , a hacker will try to know you gmail id.

STEP 2.- Now , he'll click on Forget Password on gmail.com . Here he'll fill your email id.
STEP 3.- After that there'll be two option to hack the account , the first one is mobile number and the second one is your alternate email id or your security answer.
STEP 4.- Let assume that you want to hack your friends gmail id or your friends want to hack your gmail id then he'll ask you for your phone for sometime. Once you'll allow him then no one can save your gmail id. It'll surely going to be hacked. Let me show you in next step how'll he hack your gmail id.
STEP 6.- Now after doing last 5 step, he'll fill your number and click on continue. After that google will send a sms on your number with a code and when he'll fill that code there then google will show you a page to set a new password. Now he'll set new password. A confirmation mail will be sent to your atlernative email id. But he'll do something wrong that will explained in next step

STEP 7.- Now he'll go to ACCOUNT section and change the recovery option. E.g. He'll replace your number with his private number and also change your alternative email with his email
STEP 8.- Now he'll come to you, and give your phone to you and say thanks with a smiling face and you know what'll you say ? You'll say - your welcome, its my pleasure. . Ha ha ha. .
So next time , think 100 times before giving your phone to your friends. " ENJOY & WAIT FOR NEXT "
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