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What Is VPN:
VPN is a service that help you hide your
ip address.Every device who is
connected to internet has a different ip
address and with help of them any site
or third party user can see your location
and control your freedom on internet
like ISP are blocking sites and pages in
this days.
So the VPN convert your ip address so if
you are from india than your ip can be
changed to USA etc.Than if you visit a
site from india your ip address tell the
site that you are in USA.Thats how vpn
Why PD Proxy:
Pd Proxy is a vpn service and the best part
of it is that you can scan open ports form
this for detail i will post a artical soon
because of my exams i am not that active
on this site.Pd proxy comes with a
software that is special designed for it,so
there is no need to have any additional
tech knowledge to use pd proxy.But the
main problem is that there is a bandwidth
limit on their trial accounts so if you
wanted unlimited usage so you have to
buy a premium account but now i am
sharing the trick to use trial account
Feature Of This Trick:
.1Use pd proxy unlimited at no cost.
.2No need to download any thing.
.3Easy to use.
.4Use It And Enjoy Free High Speed
Download PD-Proxy
Premium Account and
Enjoy Free Internet
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