How To Know Who Created TheFake ID On Facebook! Mafia Paid Apps July 20, 2014 No Comment

Let Me
Go Step By Step And Show How You
Can Get To Know Who Created
Yours Or Someone Else’s Fake ID
On Facebook. First of all you need
to know the IP address of that user
who created your fake ID. So here
are the steps to know the IP address
of that person: 1) You must chat
with that person. Just invite him/
her on chat or ping him on
facebook chat. Note: Before trying
all these steps make sure all other
browsers and tabs are closed. Apart
from your facebook tab no other
tab should be open. In fact, no
program should run which uses
internet apart from this facebook
tab. If possible delete history as
well as cache. 2) Once you have
pinged that person and chat is on
open Command Prompt (start->run-
>cmd) 3) When the command
prompt opens type the command
mentioned below and press enter
netstat -an 4) You will be able to see
all established connections IP
addresses there. Ignore the one’s
that start with 127* as well as 0*.
Rest (Not more than 1 or 2) of the
IP are suspicious. Note down these
IP address. 5) Now once you have
noted down the IP address open this
It will show you all the information
about that user, his ISP and his
location in the map. You can zoom
in and try to know the exact area in
the map. If there’s anything serious
you can contact ISP and ask them
about everything you want to
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