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Method 1 :-

Airtel Sim Unblock Within 1 day

1.First Type a msg 3G HS and send it to 121

2.Then type CHAT and send it to 55444

3.And Last msg Type FREE and send it to 54321

After 24hours you will see you have unblocked your Sim successfully... ENJOY..!!

Note : you must have 0 balance.

Method 2:-

New Trick Just Try And Comment

Sms FUN to 54321/121/51619/543210 as per state where which work

Method 3:-

1-First Recharge Your Airtel SIM Card with RS. 20

2- Dial *121*11# and Activete RS. 9

3- 3G Pack for 30 minute After completion of  30 minutes. Disconnect Internet

4-Insert SIM Card into other mobile and Activate RS. 5

5-Internet Pack by dialing*222#

6-Download Facebook App from https://

7-Use it for sometimes from mobile After that Connect with PC and open Facebook.

8-Now !! Your Airtel SIM Card in Unblocked

Method 4 :-

1-Just remove your sim from your mobile

2-Insert your sim in basic mobile frankly speaks black and white mobiles else mobile with no gprs facility

3-Now send sms as MO to 54321 Wait for half an hour (30min)

4-Now again reinsert your Sim in your mobile again

5-Now your will receive settings voila your sim is unblocked to confirm just check the free ip in your default browser you can find free ip from here.

Method 5 :-

1-Just send sms as FACEBOOK to 54321

2-Again send sms as FB to 54321

3-Again send sms as FACE to 54321

4-Again send sms as FACE BOOK to 54321

5-Wait for 1 hour your sim will unblocked (if not worked send sms FB to 54321 for atleast 8 time)

Method 6 :-

1-Simply deactivate all gprs / 3G services from your mobile dail 121 or 198 follow the instructions

2-Wait for 2 Days , after 2 days check whether is working or not if not working then

3-Dail *567*11# and send sms 3G to 121 and your sim is now unblocked

Method 7:-

Just send PORT to 1900 when the customer care people call back you just tell you took sim as you getting FACEBOOK free in AIRTEL now you not getting , they will unblock your sim telling that we will check the problem dont port thats it now your sim will get unblocked very quickly.

Metod 8:-

1.Unblock Trick with U which is worked for me..

2.Dial *121*13# then u will get 2 links,

3.VUClip and Opera..

4.Select Any Links..

5.Soon U will Receive a Msg From Airtel.

6.Maintain Main Balance Rs. 1 and Go to the link.. After Getting Fully Loaded,

7.U can Use Any Airtel Trick in Ur SIM.

Method 9:-

1.Just Type FACEBOOK And Send It To 54321 In Mesage Box..

2. You Should Send It To Atleast 10 Times..

3.After Send Mesage You Will Get A Confirmation.Just Open It And Try With 10 times.

4.After Just Switch Off Your Phone And Restart Your Phone.

5.Now Your Sim Successfully Unblocked.

Method 10 :-

1.Remove Your Sim Card From Your Phone And Put Your Sim In Gprs Unable Phone Like

2.Now Send A Mesage Type M0 And Send It To 54321.

3.Now Remove Your Sim From Gprs Unabldd Phone And Put It Again In Your Gprs Able Phone
And Now If You Get Airtel Internet And Some Other Setting. it Mean Your Sim Got Unblocked
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