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We have tested this trick in most of the states and got satisfying results that's why sharing it here. Do try and tell us that it's working in your area or not. Your feedback will be helpful for our readers. First let's learn what actually droidvpn is.

Droidvpn is basically a popular private network app which helps us to change the price or ip address of any network.

We can easily change our native ip to different address like Canada, usa, uk, Australia etc. If anyone wants to make him safe in this online world than i must recommend you to use this awesome app.

No one is safe in this digital world. Everyone is tracing you in different forms but there motive is only one that to know what you are doing on Internet. Be smart and safe and use this app.

*Features of This Airtel proxy Trick

- We have tried it at 0 Rs Balance and woah got quiet good results. So if your balance is Rs 0 in your Airtel Sim then go ahead or you can buy new sim card to enjoy free internet.
- We are using this trick for so long and experienced no disconnection issue unlike other tricks. No outages too. Just use and use without any worries.
- This Airtel proxy VPN Trick working like charm in all India where TCP 443 is open.
- Your sim won't get blocked in any of the cases. We used multiple sim cards and not a single sim card is blocked yet. So give a try and enjoy.

Requirements for This UDP Proxy Trick

- You Must have Airtel 2G or 3G activated sim card. If you haven't yet than purchase one and go ahead and get ready to fly.
- Free download Droidvpn Apk in your Android device and use this amazing app and apply our below Proxy Settings in it.
- You must have Android Mobile because droidvpn is a Android app and this trick depends upon droidvpn app. If you have Computer or Laptop than download PD Proxy in it and do follow exact same steps. I would like to clear that for this trick no data back is must. You can try and enjoy without activating any special data pack for it. Now let's go ahead and see the whole step by step tutorial.

*Steps of Airtel GPRS Droidvpn Trick

- Go to Google and download droidvpn apk from there. Open Apk file and do Install app like you do with other apps.
- After successful installation do open Droidvpn App and do login if you already have account there or create new account if you don't have by entering basic details like name, email, password etc.
- After login you will see a dialog box in app just do tick on I Trust This Application and select OK button below.
- Do click on settings to open up the settings and select connection protocol from the list. After doing all this do click on TCP. Open up droidvpn settings and click on http headers. Now there do enter below settings and on ok unblocked users.



Blocked user



Uhhhhhh finally now click Connect button on app and it will get connected soon. Congrats now you are free to use Airtel Internet without paying a single penny extra for it. I hope you liked out Airtel host droidvpn 3G proxy udp trick. We are happy to see accessing Free Internet. User satisfaction that's all we wants. Do SHARE this article with your friends and help them because sharing is caring. Keep visiting for more working tutorials.
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