Easiest Way to Enable / Activate Whatsapp Calling Without Invite (APK)

Few days before many users activated whatsapp free voice calling by following our guide in which we used a terminal and added a script. But in that guide also you have to get called by someone to the fully activated free calling feature but now today we will tell you the exclusive way to call without waiting for anyone’s call or invitation. So we can see on various social networking websites people asking to get a whatsapp call from their friend and most of them are not getting because we have observed that most of times their server gets down so at that calling feature doesn’t work.

But now you don’t have to worry because whatsapp has rolled out new calling feature in their latest apk free version. It means that there’s no need to wait for a invite nor you have to apply any trick to the this awesome feature. It will come up automatically enabled inside apk. We have made several calls by it and we are happy to tell you that it’s working marvelously. On 2g connection (5 kbps speed) you may get some echo problem but of you have proper 3g Internet or normal wifi broadband Internet then you won’t face any problem. Apple iOS iPhone users will also get this feature very soon.

You can download latest voice call activated whatsapp apk file from here

After that install the apk and launch it from app drawer then do restore you backup data and start free calling your friends and loved ones

Do share this important info and help others in getting same. Still if you have anything to say the please drop your words below. We will reply you very soon. See below attached image for better understanding. 


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